Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pancakes & Pajamas Birthday Party

Hello again!

If you're like us, you're enjoying spring break which means you're still in your jammies and eating leftover pizza for breakfast.  For reals.

I am finding time between slices to be slightly productive and managed to share these pics from the most recent birthday in our household.  The youngest member of the Hernandez crew turned 7 this month and we had a Pancake & Pajama Party to celebrate.

(Clearly we're VERY fond of staying in our jammies around here).

Here's the invite I designed.
I used Paperless Post this year, which was new for me.  Invitations are important to me because they set the tone for all the décor and I usually prefer mailing out an actual paper invite, but when I saw I could upload my design and get it to my guests without ever leaving my house (or getting out of my jammies....are you seeing a theme here) I was sold.

This cake.


It. Was. Huge.

We're talking 20 POUNDS of chocolatey goodness.  My brilliant baker of a mom made this masterpiece and it definitely stole the show.  All the kids (and parents) wanted to touch it and couldn't believe it was real.  Oh, and no big deal, but she hand painted it.  Yep, she's just that good.

There she is.  The birthday girl, wearing the jammies the inspired all the décor.

These tassel garlands are so inexpensive and easy to make.  Love that!!
(Sidenote: in hindsight I wish I would've ironed the tissue and learn)

The sun was really bright and shining through the front window so it's a little hard to tell, but what you're looking at there is a 14 foot 'bed'.
In my living room.
For 16 crazy 7 year olds to sit at.
Did I mention I served the parents mimosas??

Here's a better shot of the 'bed' that I made. 

Per the birthday girl's request I kept the tabletop décor to a minimum.
"It's a bed, mom".
Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever you say birthday girl.

I made the honeycomb ball tassel decorations too!  I followed the tutorial from Sweet Lulu Blog, it's super easy!  Thanks gals!

I made this bunting using 6 pictures of Bella, one from each of her past birthdays.  It was so bittersweet to see her growing up right before your eyes.

The spoon, fork and knife clothespins were a Michael's clearance find.  Whoop whoop!  They weren't the right color, but I fixed that is no time with a can of gold spray paint.

"Pancakes are basically cookies you eat in the morning".

See that cute little Utensil Box??  Did you know I sell those on Etsy?!  Well the rumors are true, I do.  And you should go check my store Kelso Road!

Joe's Donuts.
I have an obsession.

I used a roll of craft paper to cover the counter and wrote on it to label all the food items.  It looked really cute and was super easy to clean up.  Win-win.

Pink lemonade and a DIY Iced Coffee bar.

I made these cute table overlays and the yarn pom poms for the corners.

How is she seven??
It's just not right.

This puts just how massive the cake was into perspective a little.  And also shows how the kids were finding it harder and harder not to touch it. ;)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens at the end of a great party.
It's not good.
Someone take that knife away from me.

Seriously, though.  Everything went SO GOOD and we all had the best time!
Can't wait for next year!!

A GINORMOUS THANK YOU to Heather of Heather Fitch Photography for the superb photos, you rock girl!

Thanks for reading!
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Have a fabulous rest of the week!

 :)  Jessica

Friday, March 11, 2016

Moms Rule Mama Shower

Happy Friday to all you lovely people!
I hope the week was quick and painless & that your weekend feels like it will never end. {Hey, a girl can dream right?!}
In January I had the pleasure of co-hosting a Mama Shower for my cousin.  She had recently given birth to her second absolutely perfect baby boy and it was time to celebrate!  She didn't really need much in the baby department so we decided a Mama Shower was in order. 
You might be asking yourself "What the heck is a Mama Shower"?  Well, I'll tell ya!  It's a party showering the new mom or mom-to-be with special little gifts just for her, things that will fill her tank when the going gets tough as all of us mothers know that it can.  Gift ideas can include new jammies, a robe and slippers, gift certificates for pampering, aromatherapy candles, specialty lotions, a bottle of her favorite wine, etc.  I just LOVE the idea of a Mama Shower and think every mama deserves one. 
We threw this shower with a very realistic budget, using items that I already had on hand and saved money by catering it ourselves.  Throwing a beautiful and meaningful event doesn't have to be expensive, just get creative!
Take a look at how it came together....
{A HUGE thank you to Heather Fitch Photography for the great photos! XOXO}
I made this great sign with the free printable from The Alison Show.  Isn't it perfect?!
Tin cans {from my recycle bin no less!} spray painted gold held our flower centerpieces.  They also served as favors the guests got to take home!








 Another free printable from The Alison Show













My beautiful cousin surrounded by all her 'mom' family members :)
Being a mom really does RULE!
Best. Job. Ever.