Thursday, February 22, 2018

Botanical Printable

Hey friends!  Happy Thursday!

As we begin the transition from Winter to Spring (which feels comical to write because it’s a snow day here today), I felt like adding some botanical prints to my décor, especially my mantle, which I’m always switching up based on the current season or upcoming holiday.

If you’ve been following along for a little while then you know that I’ve got a thing for DIY projects, especially ones that cost next to nothing. So, being the savvy shopper that I am, I jumped online and found a few FREE printables that I just love and thought I’d share how I incorporated them into our home.

Here is the printable I used:

And here’s how I used the Chamomile print in my mantle refresh:

Now, just for funsies, take a look at how these talented designers used botanicals in their homes.
(click pics for the link)

Simple perfection.

Great use of large prints.

LOVE this one!

Warm, cozy and classy.

I hope you're inspired to try some botanicals in your own space! 

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Easy Valentine Décor Ideas

I've always been one who decorates for every little holiday, but this year I just wasn't feeling like dragging out the Valentine décor. Didn't we just take down and put away Christmas?! Plus, I'm really enjoying the clean, simple way the house was looking (I use the term 'clean' VERY loosely).

But then I went on Pinterest.

Isn't that how it always starts? You seen something cute online, doesn't matter what it is, and you think "Aw! I wanna do/make/get/buy that"!

So, naturally, after my lengthy stroll down the never-ending streets of Pinterest, I've circled back round to the whole Valentine decorating subject and I'll give you one guess as to whether or not I changed my mind......

Do I even need to tell you the answer to that?


Didn't think so.

I did, however, vow to keep it super simple and only add items to my existing décor. A few hearts here and there, a cute bunting or two, a small cute sign, you get the idea.

But just in case you're asking yourself what the heck is a bunting and what do I use it for, I've rounded up some cute Valentine decorating ideas and affordable items you could get to pull off the look yourself!|plp|top_sellers|plp|51379841|6

Aren't those ideas cute??

There are seriously so many talented folks out there and I love how their inspiring work is just a click away through the power of Pinterest!

Thanks for reading, hope you have a great day!



Sunday, January 21, 2018

Modern Farmhouse PRIME!

Let's talk about one of my favorite ways to shop, shall we?

In my younger years, I was happy as can be shopping endless hours at the mall.  At the time, fighting crowds, wrangling kids and the need for comfortable shoes weren't concerns or even thoughts that crossed my mind.

Now that I'm - ahem -  wiser, my shopping routine has undergone a little make-under, and if there's one thing that has revolutionized the way in which I shop it's Amazon Prime.

I mean come on.

Shopping for anything from toilet paper to electronics to the birthday present for your daughter's classmate that you totally forgot to get, all whilst laying in bed braless sipping your favorite beverage (which may have contributed to the whole forgetting the present incident), then having it all sent right to your door in 2 days. Seriously, does it get any better?!

And ya know what else? Amazon has a ton of cute home décor items.

For real.

While it's definitely not the same experience as shopping at Homegoods, you can find some really great stuff.

So I thought it'd been fun to put together a Modern Farmhouse inspiration board full of fab décor finds that are all eligible for Prime (except for the chairs. don't hate me).
Plus, they're ALL under $100 and have at least a 3.5 star rating (because I'm picky about that)!!
*at least they were/did when I wrote this post*

If you see something you love, just click the description and you'll be taken straight to it on Amazon's site!
Gooseneck Wall Sconce $29.99
Rustic Farmhouse Cotton Diamond Throw Blanket $16.99
Bistro Café Side Chairs (set of ) $99.99
Stone & Beam Vintage-Look Sliding Window Mirror $89.99
Grey Verona 5' x 7.5' Area Rug $90.54
Faux Leather Pillow Cover $26.99
Coffee Tea Sugar Enamel Metal Containers $14.38
Set of 2 Farmhouse Corbels $19.99

Cute, right?!

Thanks for reading friends!!