Friday, March 20, 2015

The Amazing Bella's Magical 6th Birthday

Oh, how I love Fridays. 
Today is the official first day of Spring Break for my kiddos and we couldn't be happier.  We really live for these breaks.  You know, staying in your jammies till noon (aka all day), jumping on the trampoline in the jammies you have yet to change out of, catching up on your most beloved Netflix shows, etc. etc.
March is a fun month for us not just because of Spring Break, but because little Miss Bella celebrates a birthday in March.  And you know how we love us some birthday party action. 
This year's theme was MAGIC.  All 3 of my girls L.O.V.E. magic shows so a magician was a must have.  A client of mine referred me to Presto the Magician and to say I was impressed would be the understatement of the year.  He beyond exceeded my expectations and his performance had everyone (including the adults) amazed and in stitches.  I know my girls will never forget it, and to me that is worth every penny and all the work. 
When it came to planning the décor, I knew that I wanted it to feel like a theatre and that I wanted a stage for Presto to perform on.  I had such a great time planning last year's Chanel themed party and loved so many of the décor pieces that I decided to see how many I could repurpose and use again this year.
(Although I admit, reusing things from other parties kind of makes me batty.  God forbid someone recognize it from last years event!  Just like wearing the same outfit. Or eating leftovers.  I know, I've got issues).
I'm so happy with how it all came together and that the weather was so beautiful that day, over 70 degrees, which is nuts for the beginning of March in the Pacific NW.
I was lucky enough to get one of my favorite photographers to come and photographer the party again this year.  Erick Claytor is incredibly talented and if you haven't checked out his work, you should!
Have a look at all the fun party details!
The party invitation I designed.
(Did you know you can order custom invites and printable from me?  Yep!  It's true!!  Visit for more info or to contact me).
The 'theatre' entrance.
(My apologies for the less than stellar pic.  The sun was shining directly on the front door and my photography skills are nowhere near Erick's).
A cute chalkboard I hung by the front door.

I made this flag to put in one of our planters.
I had little quotes about magic all around the house.

Another framed magic sign and some balloons in the front entryway.
The living room/theatre.
My birthday girl and the magician's assistant.
Large black chalkboard (I love chalkboards, don't you??) and a playing card bunting.
Guests could choose to wear bunny ears or a black top hat.
A shot of the concession stand area.  Remember the display case from last years party?!

The Amazing Bella with the beautiful (and delicious) cake my mom made in the background.
She is ridiculously talented, that mother of mine.  Isn't the cake insane?!

Some detail shots of the concession stand goodies.  I made the bunny pops using a candy mold I picked up at JoAnn's!
Love this pic of her reflection in the case.  SO creative!
I designed this playing card bunting and made lots of paper medallions for the mantle, then added some top hats, another framed magic quote, a white rabbit and a magic wand.

 Top hats with playing cards and gold sparkly table runners that I made where the centerpieces for the guests tables.

This old trunk that I have worked perfect with the theme!  Does the number 6 look familiar??  It's from Luke and Blake's party!



She found that little white bunny at the dollar store and just HAD to have it.  It was her contribution to the décor ;)
One last shot before all the guests arrived.

The cake topper I made.

There he is!!  The man we've all been waiting for, Presto!!
The kids LOVED him, seriously.  You gotta zoom in on these photos and check out all their faces!
This was the one trick she was hoping for.  Her reaction was truly priceless.
Made my heart melt.
Look at her face!!
I just love this pic.
It was a PACKED house!
Me and my girl.
Bella and her good friend Aspen, the talented Erick Claytor's daughter.
Happy birthday my sweet girl!  I can't believe you're already 6. 
I hope you feel inspired to create a little birthday magic at your next party!
Have a great weekend and HAPPY SPRING BREAK!!