Monday, January 23, 2017

Cute and Easy Valentines Ideas

Hello friends and hellooooo 2017!

I hope all you beautiful people are having an extra amazing start to the year.  If you're anything like me, it hasn't really sunk in that it's 2017.
(1. Because you're too busy to even notice, and 2. Because you're in denial).

I do love the New Year though.  The fresh start and promise of new beginnings.  I also love that it always feels like Spring is right around the corner, albeit a very long corner at times. 

The New Year also gets me thinking of the first holiday I get to decorate for and what kind of cute must-have things will be overflowing from the Dollar Spot at Target.  Because let's be real, if it's in that section at Target you HAVE to buy it and you NEED to decorate with it.

That leads me to the purpose of the post, the first 'decorating holiday' of the year!
(Well I guess it's technically the second if you decorate for the New Year.  And if you actually do that then you're an overachiever and we can't be friends.  Lol, totally kidding!  Sort of).  ;)

Valentine's Day.

The day your kids bring home cutely decorated bags overflowing with adorable little cards, heart-shaped candies, pencils with matching tiny erasers that you'll accidentally suck up with the vacuum in a week or less.

Yep, I've always been a fan of Valentine's Day (is it even really a holiday?  I should Google that).  What I'm not a fan of, however, is spending countless hours handcrafting the perfect cards, literally using tweezers to glue on each individual piece of glitter OR going to the store and thoughtlessly buying the first box of Valentine's I see.  I fall somewhere in the middle.  I want our Valentine's to be cute, homemade and fun, but need them to be quick, easy and economical.  Ya feel me?? (P.S. If you go to the store and buy the first box of Valentine's you see, you rock.  I need to try and be more like you).

In the spirit of cute, homemade, fun, quick, easy and economical Valentine's, here are some options that are exactly that.

What kid doesn't love donuts?  Throw some store-bought sprinkled donuts in cellophane bags, tie them up with some ribbon or bakers twine and add the FREE printable tag from Jenny over at Bloom Designs and you're done!!

2.  Valentine You're a Ball (and other cute sayings) 
Shannon and Rebecca of Petite Party Studio have these adorable FREE printables up for grabs.  Just pick up the necessary supplies (cello bags, candy, circle punch, etc.) and you're practically done!  They're all SO cute!

This one would be a fun project for both littles and older kids.  There's no printable, but it was just too cute not to share!  You could do up a big batch and take it in for the class party or package up little bags and include a small store-bought Valentine card, either way, I just love this idea from Hello Wonderful.

If candy isn't an option or you just want to go a healthier route, check out this 'cutie' idea from Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous.  It really doesn't get any easier, grab the appropriate fruit, print out the FREE printable tags and package them up!

See, aren't those cute AND easy??  I mean, come on, you're practically already done!  I'd love the hear your thoughts or if you've come up with a great Valentine for your kiddos (or coworkers)!  Let me know if you have any questions too, I'm always happy to help!  Don't forget to show me a little love by sharing this post, liking my Facebook page, and following me on Instagram!

Have a great Monday!