Monday, November 3, 2014

Our Halloween Costume REVEAL!!

Happy Monday ya'll!
I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend filled with family, friends,
trick-or-treating, parties and of course ..... CANDY!!
I'm not sure which I like more, seeing my girls all excited and dressed up or watching them handout candy to fellow trick-or-treaters.  They are totally into seeing all the other costumes and literally fight over who gets to handout the candy each time.  Gotta say, I love their enthusiasm :)
Like I shared in my last post, our costumes this year came together VERY last minute.
We're talking the day-of.  With coffee in hand, I was still putting together the finishing touches on Halloween morning.
In the end, I just love how they turned out!  It was so nice seeing them feel confident enough to go out looking totally and completely NERDY {and totally and completely adorable too}!
Before I get to our nerd costumes, I wanted to show you the quick and easy deer costume I put together for a Halloween party the hubs and I went to. 
What you'll need is a really big mens t-shirt.  Your size and height will determine what size t-shirt will work best.  I picked mine up at the local Goodwill for $3.49.  It was an XXLT which worked perfectly because it was long enough to be a dress without having to make any adjustments.   
Wash and dry your shirt then lay it out on a flat surface.  Next, take a dress you already own, a form fitting tank dress works best, and lay it on the t-shirt.  {If you don't have a tank dress you can use a tank top too}.  Now just trace the dress onto the t-shirt.  Here's what you should end up with.  Sorry about the lack of pics, I'm lucky I remembered to take even these two!
I pinned the shirt together to keep it from moving when I cut it.

I used Photoshop to darken my trace line so you can see it better.
Ok, now all you need to do is cut out the 'dress' on the trace line and then sew!  REMEMBER, depending on how much stretch your t-shirt has and how tight you want the finished dress to be, you may need to add a seam allowance.
And now, the finished product!!
I added some faux fur spots on the side and to the bust, and made some giant ears out of that same fur, some felt, a few pipe cleaners and a headband we already had.  The dress was SO EASY to make and came out perfect!  And it was super comfy!!
{I apologize for the blurry pic!!  That's what happens when you're running 30 minutes late, have to drop the littles at Grandmas and the only camera you remebered is the one on your phone.  Lame.}
No doe is complete without some spots on the booty and of course a tail! ;)

Here's the hunter and I :)
The make-up was super easy and I was able to do it with stuff I already had, that was a total bonus!
The total cost for this costume was less than $10!!
Alright, time to get nerdy!
After the girls FINALLY decided what they wanted to be for Halloween I went to my favorite local thrift shop.  Every Wednesday is 1/2 price day and I was able to pick up these plaid shirts for $2 each. 
I made some 'modifications' and ......
Totally nerdy plaid skirts!  We even managed to find the white shirts there on 1/2 price day too!  I made the bowties out of the shirts as well, and attached some DIY suspenders.  We picked up the tube socks at DollarTree and found the nerd glasses {with the exception of Miss B's real specs} in the dollar section at Target. 
No nerd is complete without their headgear!  I made the headgear out of a wire hanger, some elastic and some foam.  It was my favorite part of the costumes.  I think she looks so cute!  And she was beyond committed to staying 'in character'.  We took them out to dinner and she kept the headgear on the whole time!  That's my girl :)
The girls love it when I dress up with them, and let's be honest, it doesn't take much convincing :) , so I threw together a quick nerd outfit and off we went!  {Should I be concerned that it was so easy to find nerd attire in my own closet??}
Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the costumes! 
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Thanks a million!