Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Decor Ideas

One week.
That's it.  There's only one week till Halloween.  I'm usually really good about having the girls costumes done long before this time, but for whatever reason, this year we're just getting started.
I did, however, manage to get the house decorated.  We never have trick-or-treaters {you'd have to be nuts to walk down our street in the dark} so I just stick to decorating the inside.
The girls love it when they see me getting the orange and black storage bins out of the shop.
I'm not sure which gets them more excited, the Halloween decorations or the fact that the Halloween decorations mean Christmas is right around the corner.  :)
If you haven' t gotten around to decorating yet, it's not too late!  Hopefully these pics of how I decorated our house will inspire you to add a little creepiness to your own home. 


















If you saw something you liked, I'd love it if you'd pin it or share this post on your Facebook page.  Now, back to work on the Halloween costumes, I can't wait to show them to you ....... once they're done :)
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

70's Themed SURPRISE 40th Birthday!

Last weekend our close friend Trent turned 40 {or 30 if you ask him} :)
I had the pleasure of working with his awesome wife and another great
friend to put together a surprise party for him.  Saying that he likes
to dress-up would be the understatement of the year.  This guy
takes wigs, mustaches and costumes VERY seriously.  I swear, every
time I see him he's added at least two new wigs to his collection.
It's awesome and I love it!
For the party we decided to go with a 70's theme because
costumes from that era are one of his favs and it's also
the decade of his birth.  Hence Studio 74 was born.
This party was a blast from the past.
Seriously, so much fun!
I kept the d├ęcor fairly simply and went with a white, gold and silver
color palate because I wanted all the lighting to really pop and make
it feel like a 70's nightclub.  The event was held at Urban Studio
in downtown Portland and the space was perfect.
An open bar, delicious food, one giant chocolate cake
{courtesy of the amazing baker, my mama} and guests in costume
transported us all to a time that was totally far out!
Have a look at Studio 74!
{all the photos were taken by the super talented Heather Fitch, check her out!}
The invitation I designed.





I made the big Studio 74 sign and hung it in front of the silver pipe and drape.  The awesome KC at MDM Productions made it pop with some killer lighting.



Some of the delicious food courtesy of Pearl Catering.



The cake was GIANT and super delicious.


It was great seeing so many guests arrive in costume!



Our dear friends Mr. and Mrs. Hugo.

The hubs and I.

Warming up to bust some serious moves on the dance floor :)


The birthday boy and his beautiful wife.

Trent and his mom. Love.

Getting the once over from some guests.


Some more beautiful people.

Me :)  I had the best time putting together my outfit.

Trent's dad.  Hmmmm, wonder where Trent gets it from?? ;)

Our fab foursome!

Shaking our groove things.

Group hug!


They are so cute together!

Get it girl!

So serious we are ;)


The birthday boy and his party planners.








Some more great costumes.




Jessica and her mom.  They are so beautiful!

Pimp daddy!

Staying alive!!


Happy birthday to you Mr. More!!

The moment we all waited for ...... the YMCA!! :)
This was such an amazing night.
Every birthday should be like this.
I'm so grateful for such wonderful friends
and feel blessed to be a part of celebrating with them!
Have a great Sunday!!