Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chanel No. 5 Birthday

My baby girl turned 5 last month.  I'm not sure where the time is going, but I'd sure like for it to slow down.
A lot.
I'd been planning this party since before she turned four.  While considering themes for her 4th birthday I tossed around the idea of a shopping party, which lead me to a Chanel theme and as soon as the words "Chanel No. 5" came out of my mouth I knew I had decided on a theme ..... for her 5th birthday (which was only a mere 18 months away.  I'm ridiculous, I know).
I had the best time planning this party!  The possibilities truly were endless and in the end everything came together better than I could have ever dreamed.

I wanted the centerpieces to resemble the iconic perfume bottles, and went with monochromatic flowers to create a classic, timeless look.
I purchased an old display case off Craigslist and fixed it up.  A little TLC made it good as new! {I'll post a before and after pic of the case soon}!
I filled the case with lots sweet treats and party favors.  At the end of the party the guests got to "shop" from the case.  We bagged up all their items in tiny glossy Chanel shopping bags!  It was so cute!
I made black satin Chanel hair bows for all the girls.
Black glossy baroque frames worked perfectly for holding food labels.
I picked up some nail polish in square bottles to mimic the ones sold at the Chanel counter and made little labels for them.
The walls were decorated with large black and white photos of Chanel storefronts.
Have I mentioned how amazingly talented my mom is?!  Well, SHE IS!!  She made this over the top cake! Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine something so perfect.  It tasted totally delicious too!!
We served a yummy brunch, which of course included bacon, the birthday girls FAVORITE food. :)

Me and my girl.  She's been my little sidekick from day 1.  Oh, how I love her so.

See the striped awning??  I made it out of wrapping paper!  Super easy, super cheap and super lightweight!  Win, win, win!

Make a wish!
Admiring a very special gift.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone for helping make this party so special!  I couldn't have done it without you. 
And a special thank you to Erick Claytor of Erick Claytor Photography for all the stunning photos.  You are incredibly talented and I'm forever grateful to you for you're ability to capture this day so I can relive it over and over.
Happy Sunday everyone, stay classy and fabulous!! ;)

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  1. What a great party that was, just another one to add to all the rest of your memorable parties! You are such a talented and ambitious mom and daughter! Love you!