Thursday, May 26, 2016

Personalized Teacher's Gift

We did it.
We made it through yet another school year.
{Although this year flew by, sparing us the pain and agony of
the always dreaded slow-moving year}.
I hope your school year is coming to a close and you can enjoy all that summer has to offer.  Late nights, late mornings, bra optional days, Netflix marathons, day drinking - just kidding {not really}, at least those are a few of the things I look forward to when summer break rolls around.
A week or so ago I passed on some cute teacher's gifts ideas to all you fine folks with the promise to share what I put together for our teachers {whom we LOVE}. 
I had an idea in mind and looked on Etsy, Pinterest, Google, etc. to see if anyone else had done something similar, but came up empty-handed.  No biggie, this wasn't rocket science so I got to work.  I picked up three 8" by 8" canvases at Michaels then hopped on Photoshop to design the graphic. 
My inspiration was the periodic table.
I wanted to make each teacher a sign that looked like an element from the periodic table, using their name/initials, the grade they teach and the school year.  I even came up with a cute {cheesy} little saying to put on the card! 



So what'd ya think?!  Didn't the canvases turn out great?  
I hope our teachers love them and know how much we appreciate all they do!
Have a great day and thanks for reading!!
XOXO, Jessica

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