Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It's A Bug's Life

Hey there all you beautiful readers, followers and friends.  We've made it to hump day and man, did I wanna keep sleeping when that dreaded alarm went off.  So I'm feeling pretty accomplished in only hitting the snooze 3 times.
(That's all it lets me snooze.  Dang smart phone).
The other day I was looking for some photos of a past event.  I grabbed the SD card out of the camera and plugged that baby into the computer.
My fears were true.  The only images I had of the adorable Bubble themed party I did for a client were on my phone.
The silver lining was finding photos of not just one, but TWO other parties I had done.  All of which made me realize I really suck at getting party photos posted.
Here's the deal.
After spending umpteen-million man-hours conceptualizing, planning, creating, procuring and putting it all together, the last thing I want to do is be the photographer, spending a millennia editing my mediocre photos.  When I've got a pro to shoot an event, it's like Christmas getting those photos back and I can't post them fast enough, but Jessica the photographer (that's me) isn't as eager to showcase her photographic work. 
Well, I'm gonna get over that.
So I'm no Annie Leibovitz.
Big deal.
I'm not letting a few less-than-stellar photos keep me from sharing all the fun details with you.    
Now, let's get to the goods.
A few months ago I put together A Bug's Life 5th birthday party for Sally, the cutest-curliest-haired-little-girl!  This party was especially fun because much of my inspiration came from the happiest place on earth!!  If you've ever been to A Bug's Land in Disneyland you know that everything is supersized, making you feel extra buggy, and that's how I wanted the party décor to feel. 
Take a look!









Here's a list of the items I custom made for this event (which was held at the MAC in downtown PDX):
Faux Grass Backdrop
Giant Pencils
Wood Round Cake Stand
Watermelon Prop
Leaf Welcome Bunting
Sally's Birthday Leaf Sign
Bug's Life Character Cut-Outs
Waterbottle Labels
Animal Cracker Box Centerpieces
Napkin Wraps
Bug w/ Rock Candy Party Favor
That wasn't so hard.
I hope you enjoyed my 'unprofessional' photos ;) and maybe even found a little inspiration for your next party!


  1. Hey there! How did you make the sign in the back ground and the boxes of animal crackers?! So awesome! Planning on my little girls first party being Bugs life theme since thats all she watches!

  2. Hi I wanted to see if I can purchase your Bugs Life decor. If so, can you reach out to me?

  3. So awesome! I can't find much online regarding Bug's Life parties and decorations..I always choose "non popular" themes for my kid's parties. You live in Portland too! Small world. I am so taking some of these awesome ideas!! You did some amazing things. I am curious how you made the giant pencils.