Monday, October 31, 2011



It’s finally here!

The one day a year I let myself indulge in all the candyliciousness I can get my hands on……..and not feel horribly guilty about it.

{Only mildly guilty}.

Last week we got out sweet tooth’s warmed up for this glorious occasion with some cake pops. Shockingly it was my first attempt at making them.

Even more shockingly, I hadn’t waited till I HAD to make them for some party or event before giving it a go.

Typically this is a little more my style,

“Oh, sure! I’d love to make some cake pops for your beautiful baby’s first birthday where you’ll have trillions of your closest family and friends and will be telling EVERY.ONE. who made the cake pops for you!”

{Me in the kitchen the night before the party}

“ #$*&@#!% ^&*%$#@!!!!!! “

You get the picture :)

Whatever I’m making always turns out {thank God}, but I’d forgotten what it was like to have a stress free, and FUN, baking experience.
These were just for us, who cares what they end up looking like.

{Ok, me. I care. I really, Really, REALLY care. And if they’d have turned out horribly misshapen and ugly I wouldn’t be posting about them}.

“Huh? Nope. I didn’t make any cake pops. You must be thinking of someone else”.

But I’m happy to say….


They turned out really cute! Not perfect, but for a first attempt I was really pleased, AND surprised how easy they were.

Take a peek at my Mummy & Monster Pops.

I hope you enjoyed to pics! I’d love to hear about your adventures in Cake Popping and hope that you and your families have a great Halloween.

Thanks so much for reading!

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